Cash for Your Collections of Books and Other Media!

Moving? Being reassigned across country? Settling an estate? Decluttering? Just plain don’t have enough room? We’re Bragg About Books and we want to buy your books. We have a big truck and a friendly crew who can help you declutter your space so you can concentrate on what’s important to you — an organized house, a settled estate, some extra money, or peace of mind.

Whether you’ve got 500 books or 5000, 20 boxes or a truckload, we will take your books and give you cash, a place to breathe, and room to plan! Make us part of your moving checklist, or consider us as a moving service that will give you money instead of charging you a fee!

From This ... to This!

Not only do we buy books, but also records, DVDs, music CDs, games, collectibles, and all types of media. Choose a menu item on the right or give us a call today!